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Sciacchetrail in the Cinque Terre

  • Posted on 25 February 2015
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At the end of March, Sunday the 29th to be exact, the first edition of Sciacchetrail will be held.   It is a trail running race along the trails of the Cinqueterre…between the sea and the sky, through vineyards, olive groves and Mediterranean maquis shrubland.
It is interesting to note that the name of the race came about before anything else, a name that celebrates the famous and sweet passito wine that has been produced in the Cinque terre for centuries, one of those products that recalls the past in which heroic peasant winemakers designed the landscape with terraces overlooking the sea, today celebrated worldwide.Mappa del percorso di Sciacchetrail - Cinque Terre
Equally curious is that the project took form at sunrise, during one of the many sunrises that a small group of runners (of which I am proud to be a part) saw from a trail, often unmarked on maps, that leads from the cemetery of Volastra to the Sanctuary of Montenero, then Telegrafo and onward to Portovenere: the Sanctuary road, which offers breathtaking views, panoramas which cannot get tired and never tire, not even those who see it every day, like us!  It is exactly this ability to surprise and amaze every day without ever tiring of every view, every curve, every color and every sound, the knowledge that every day, every sunrise, every run, before a prodigy of nature made an idea grow into a concrete project.  When all of these emotions invade you, you feel the need to share them with others, and the need to share combined with the pride of being a part of something conceived the idea that gave life to this project.  Sciacchetrail is an ambitious project that promotes a unique territory (already a UNESCO world heritage site)…a promotion directed at those who love to test themselves with what nature offers, in a territory at times harsh, hostile and difficult for who wants to runs or for who wants to
cultivate…..winemakers and runners.

Silvia Barani

[foto e video di Christine Godfrey ]