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Manarola: a 38 years old dream…

  • Posted on 24 February 2014
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To celebrate our reopening in season 2014 and the full restyling of our website we’ll tell you a story…

Manarola, 1963

Manarola, Cinque Terre – 1963

We were at the beginning of our small business,it could be something like ..let’s say 2001..

shortly before the “Euro revolution”(!); we were still in a golden age ( unfortunately we did’nt know.. ) and competition on the web was much easier. Through our website (have a look how it looked like¬† ) we were collecting guest from all around the world and despite of a massive numerical superiority of clients from USA, sometimes we interacted also with people from “strange” countries. At that time eastern Europe was our Extreme East…nothing compared with the actual, very welcome, Extreme East. So, during that summer, a family from Hungary was our first contact with that country. Their journey, from Budapest by car was somehow challenging but finally they were here. I remember well the true joy on their faces and I immediately felt a deep sympathy for that couple. The apartment they rented was’nt one of our best accommodation solution, at that time we were running also third-party properties, it was high season and everything was fully booked..but they did’nt mind,… they were SO HAPPY!

Few hours later we were drinking a beer together and I understood the reason of their radious happyness.
Robert(o) ( a type designer, his website) showed me the pictures I’m publishing here and he was so proud to tell me the story: 38 years earlier he took a copy of the “National Geographic” magazine (june 1963) and once he saw the picture of Manarola he promised himself that HE WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

And finally Robert(o) and Lilla were here and they came later again at least 2 more times with their daughter Julia enjoing Manarola, the “pomodori” and the “saraghi” -Robert(o) and Lilla like to cook italian food and local fish- swimming to the “diga”, talking about philosophy and thinking at the Deneb…


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