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Reach Manarola by carReach Manarola by car

  • We're in Manarola, the second village of Cinque Terre coming from La Spezia. You can reach Manarola by car from La Spezia (20 Km) by the State Route S.S. n°370 "Litoranea delle Cinque Terre". The motorway exit is "LA SPEZIA-S.STEFANO MAGRA"*** on the A12 Genova-Livorno or A15 Parma-La Spezia. From the gate, follow for La Spezia and once in town proceed along the seaside finding the signs for CINQUE TERRE-Portovenere. At a certain point these two directions will divide: you will proceed straight up the slope in direction Manarola-Riomaggiore. The last 14 km of your journey will bring you past Riomaggiore and then to Manarola..
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  • ***Note that driving from Genova over the A12, you find signs for "Cinque Terre" also at the gates 'Brugnato' and 'Carrodano'. Notwithstanding this, the recommended exit for the shortest and most simple way to Manarola is La Spezia S. Stefano Magra; the others may be used to reach Monterosso.
ABOUT PARKING: Cinque Terre historical centres are closed to car trafic, that means nobody (not even residents!) can enter the towns with private cars except for short operation of load/unload. At the end of the State Route S.S. n°370 from La Spezia, just out of Manarola there's a payment park which is around 300 mt away from our office.
However, you need not pay to park; you can park the car along the road (respecting the no-park notices in the curves!); the distance depends on the situation of the moment. Once you've parked the car , we suggest that you not use it for movements along the coast, and probably (unless a different choice for long-ride excursion) you'll re-use the car upon your departure. Therefore... you may encounter a little trouble unloading your luggage and reaching the hotel but you'll cause no pollution and get a healthy break from the daily sedentary life . To visit Cinque Terre means to walk!

We want to remark that to park in Manarola may be not easy (even if always possibile), espetially in the highest peaks of the season (summer period, week-ends, Easter) in reason of the few space we have between the hills and the sea. Our guests are normally allowed to access a restricted area reserved for resident's cars to reach the entrance of the village (from which our establishment is less than 50 mt. away) to load/unload bags and then exit to park the car out; ask the attendant in the parking office, they will give you a 20 minutes permit to enter for load/unnload.
From the payment park one can also use a shuttle-bus service, by which one can arrive at 20 mt from our reception; the cost is Eur 1.50/person
You can get updated information referring to the parking office (0187 920714) or to the National Park Information office located in the train station ( 0187 760511). The bus service is included in the "Cinque Terre Card"

Reach Manarola by trainReach Manarola by train

  • You can reach Manarola by train (along the line Genova-Rome) with regional trains which stop in every station in the Cinque Terre. To check the official timetable of Italian railways click here.
    An international ( european) train timetable is available on the site www.bahn.de
  • from the exit of the tunnel of the train station, walk to the right, uphill (it's a good climb) to the square of the church, pass by it and you'll find a stair on the right -beside a small river-: this is Via Rollandi. After few meters you'll find our entrance on the left at number 29.
  • If you need the luggage transfer service from train station or from the parking, you can contact "Bagagli express” at the numbers: +39 393 9332740; +39 331 1529864. You can find them at the parking or call them from the train station once here. You can also book in advance, this is the e-mail address: [email protected] .